Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The Laser Skin Rejuvenation Experts in Melbourne

At DermaMed, we are the specialists in skin rejuvenation. With years of experience, we know the cosmetic industry inside out and can advise on which treatment is best suited to you.

Photo rejuvenation is a ‘series’ of laser treatments that improve the appearance of the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed. This treats the signs of rosacea, flushing or diffuse redness, poikiloderma, sun damage, age spots, benign brown pigment, freckles and photoaging. The light specifically targets either pigment or vascular and causes a heat rise. This inflammatory response is the body’s natural healing process. The skin usually darkens to a ‘sandy like’ texture and can take up to 7 days to flake away.

Our cosmetic doctors have a wide range of experience in the field and deliver state of the art treatments to create the result you desire. We have helped a range of clients improve their skin appearance and can do the same for you!

Benefits of laser skin treatments

By choosing DermaMed in Hawthorn, you will be visiting a trusted laser skin clinic in Melbourne where you can be sure you will receive quality treatments from professional staff.

Laser skin treatments noticeably improve:

  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Dull skin complexions
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Large pores
  • Red flushing
  • Early signs of aging
  • Very fine capillaries

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Contact us today to enjoy the benefits of brighter, smoother skin tone along with a more even complexion. Face, neck, and décolletage are popular areas for this treatment, however hands, arms and shoulders also show signs of aging and may be treated.

At DermaMed, we always put our clients first and want them to achieve the results they are after. Visit our laser skin rejuvenation clinic in Hawthorn, Melbourne, today to meet with one of our friendly cosmetic surgery professionals to discuss your specific needs.